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ETERNA-x system et34-x-v80-gnusim released on 17.Jan.2020!

In this release for WINDOWS, all bugs and flaws reported for releases et34-x-v74-* are fixed. Presently, a publication date of release et34-x-v80-lnxgnu for LINUX cannot be told. Although et34-x-v74-lnxgnu is still kept in the download section, it is recommended to use the new WINDOWS version instead.

Paper about ETERNA-x in BIM 150 (see Download section)

The paper on ETERNA Ducarme,B., Schueller,K. : Canonical wave grouping as the key to optimal tidal analysis was published in vol. 150 of Bulletin d’Informations des Marees Terrestres (BIM) which is available for download: