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In memoriam

Today we’ve received the sad message that Dr. Klaus Schüller, the developer of ETERNA-x, has passed away on March 18th 2020.  We are shocked and deeply saddened. We’ll keep this web site online to appreciate all his efforts in the further development of Eterna and to distribute the software.  

ETERNA-x system et34-x-v81-lnxgnu is available

The latest version v81, again with several improvements, was prepared to be released in March 2020. Here, the Linux-Version is made available, as it was missing for version v80: Please refer to the documentation of v80 as it is in major parts still valid. The latest version for Windows is still v80.

V1-potential terms in papers addressing the HW95 tidal potential

Bruno Meurers recently pointed out a misprint which was never affecting any version of Eterna. Nevertheless, it should be noted that in several publications [1], [2], [3] the mass of the tide-generating body should appear instead of the mass of the Earth in the degree-1 terms of the tidal potential equation. In the thesis [4]… Read More »

Temporary deactivation of Polar Motion and LOD file ETPOLUT1-WAS.DAT

IERS informed that the USNO’s public-facing websites will be disconnected from the Web on 24 October 2019. The outage is expected to last for at least six months: Therefore the download of ETPOLUT1-WAS.DAT will be deactivated until the service from USNO is resumed.