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V1-potential terms in papers addressing the HW95 tidal potential

Bruno Meurers recently pointed out a misprint which was never affecting any version of Eterna. Nevertheless, it should be noted that in several publications [1], [2], [3] the mass of the tide-generating body should appear instead of the mass of the Earth in the degree-1 terms of the tidal potential equation. In the thesis [4]… Read More »

Temporary deactivation of Polar Motion and LOD file ETPOLUT1-WAS.DAT

IERS informed that the USNO’s public-facing websites will be disconnected from the Web on 24 October 2019. The outage is expected to last for at least six months: Therefore the download of ETPOLUT1-WAS.DAT will be deactivated until the service from USNO is resumed.

Update of Linux version

Portability ensured by static link of libraries, executable in package updated:System et34-x-v74-lnxgnu (no graphics) (10 downloads)

Additionally required dll – files for system et34-x-v74-wingnu on 09.10.2019 (please click)!

GNU gfortran dlls required for executing et34-ana-v74-wingnu.exe It has become obvious that for executing et34-ana-v74-wingnu.exe either the gnu-fortran environment(CYGWIN) must be available on the user’s computer or at least the relevant gnu-fortran dlls have to be present in the wingnu analyze directory et34-ana-v74-wingnu. These dlls would be cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll, cygquadmath-0.dll, cyggfortran-4.dll cygwin1.dll If you have already… Read More »

New paper about ETERNA in BIM 150

The paper on ETERNA Ducarme,B., Schueller,K. : Canonical wave grouping as the key to optimal tidal analysis was published in vol. 150 of Bulletin d’Informations des Marees Terrestres (BIM) which is available for download: