Additionally required dll – files for system et34-x-v74-wingnu on 09.10.2019 (please click)!

By | 9. October 2019

GNU gfortran dlls required for executing et34-ana-v74-wingnu.exe

It has become obvious that for executing et34-ana-v74-wingnu.exe either the gnu-fortran environment(CYGWIN) must be available on the user’s computer or at least the relevant gnu-fortran dlls have to be present in the wingnu analyze directory et34-ana-v74-wingnu. These dlls would be

  • cyggcc_s-seh-1.dll,
  • cygquadmath-0.dll,
  • cyggfortran-4.dll
  • cygwin1.dll

If you have already installed Eterna system et34-x-v74-wingnu you have to add the files of et34-ana- v74corr-wingnu.7z to the existing Eterna analyze directory et34-ana-v74-wingnu.

If you are going to install Eterna system et34-x-v74-wingnu for the 1st time you have to install et34-ana-v74-wingnu.7z of download section 4b first.

Hereafter, et34-ana- v74corr-wingnu.7z of 4bb has likewise to be installed as described in the updated version of the installation guide. This manual is also added to 4bb including instructions how to deal with these dlls.

It should then be placed into the proper docu – directory et34-docu-wingnu.

We also added a batch-file et34-ana-v74-wingnu.bat for starting the executable (also see new installation guide section 4.2.1 for explanation) to 4bb.

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