V1-potential terms in papers addressing the HW95 tidal potential

By | 4. November 2019

Bruno Meurers recently pointed out a misprint which was never affecting any version of Eterna.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that in several publications [1], [2], [3] the mass of the tide-generating body should appear instead of the mass of the Earth in the degree-1 terms of the tidal potential equation. In the thesis [4] the degree-1 terms are correct, see HW95 misprint (65 downloads) .

[1] Hartmann, T., Wenzel, H.G., 1995, The HW95 tidal potential catalogue, Geophys. Res. Lett., 22(24), 3553–3556.
[2] Hartmann, T., Wenzel, H-G., 1995, Catalogue HW95 of the tide generating potential, Bull. Inf. Marees Terrestres, 123, 9278-9301.
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[4] Hartmann, T., 1996, Hochgenaue Nutationsbewegung einer starren Erde aus einer verbesserten Gezeitenpotentialentwicklung, 272p, Geodät. Inst., Karlsruhe.

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