In memoriam

By | 23. April 2020

Today we’ve received the sad message that Dr. Klaus Schüller, the developer of ETERNA-x, has passed away on March 18th 2020. 

We are shocked and deeply saddened.

We’ll keep this web site online to appreciate all his efforts in the further development of Eterna and to distribute the software.


2 thoughts on “In memoriam

  1. Umberto RICCARDI

    Klaus’ passing has deeply saddened me. Lately I’ve been in contact with him to test different versions of ET34. He was an extremely kind person and always available for fruitful and scientifically demanding discussions.
    Goodbye Klaus, the Earth tide community will miss you so much.
    Rest peacefully in God

  2. Pierre-Michel Rouleau

    The passing of Klaus is so profoundly sad… It is honourable that BKG will be keeping the Eterna website online. This contribution of Klaus is monumental in my opinion. Klaus and I only met twice at Earth Tides Symposia, at which we struck a quick friendship. Klaus then so generously gave me the source code of his “HYCON” programme, which led to much praising by all the peer-reviewers of the journals that published my group’s work on Earth Tide tilts in that epoch… I shall forever remember that.

    Until Valhalla Klaus,
    Pierre-Michel Rouleau


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